Maenza village, Lazio has properties for sale at €1. Image by: pietro scerrato under

Maenza, a village near Rome, the latest to join €1 sell-off

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Maenza, near Rome, joins the list of Italian towns and villages selling off homes at bargain prices to attract new inhabitants.

The list of rural Italian villages offering properties for a symbolic €1 is growing. This is a move to reduce the growing depopulation of remote villages, in many cases found on hilltops.

Fighting rural depopulation

The houses for sale are generally far from urban centres. However, Maenza, in Rome’s Lazio region, has now joined the fray.

An hour and a half’s drive from Rome, Maenza has dozens of abandoned homes on offer. The village aims to recover some 100 neglected properties by liaising between the owners and interested buyers, Maenza mayor Claudio Sperduti told CNN.

Potential buyers are invited to contact the town hall, where local officials will work to match their requirements, Sperduti said.

The deadline for applications for the first batch of houses is August 28th. However, it is anticipated more will go n the market later on.

There are conditions

Naturally, there are conditions to the bargain purchase. The new owners must commit to renovating the property within three years. They also need to pay a deposit of €5,000, which the council returns following completion.

The building can be either a private home or a business, such as a shop, hotel or restaurant. Becoming a permanent resident is not a condition, though the council is keen to attract young families and those wishing to settle down.

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