President Mattarella makes Labour Day speech

Labour Day Speech – President says “The goal is to have zero [workplace] deaths”

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Sergio Mattarella celebrates Labour Day on 1st May with a speech to parliament. He says the goal is to have zero workplace deaths. This comes after a spate on deaths over the last year. He also referenced the impact of the Russian war with Ukraine on the economy.

Labour Day is celebrated in many European countries on 1st May. In Italy, the President addresses parliament. The 1st May (or 2nd May in the case of 2022) is also a Bank Holiday.

Safety in the workplace and “the integrity of the person and of workers is an essential part of our constitutional pact”, Mattarella said in his 1st May Labour Day speech.  “We would like the broader front to mobilise around this need, a pact of alliance between institutions, civil society, social forces and economic, to strongly underline the commitment to fight a scourge that upsets the lives of too many families , represents a humiliation for the business world and a defeat for those who, by producing goods and services, see their business disfigured by these deaths “.

“On Friday morning, in Friuli, I stressed the unacceptability, especially for the youngest, of having to associate the perspective of work with the dimension of death. Experiences and good practices must be encouraged which, as in that Region, propose the stipulation of protocols between companies and trade unions with the aim of “zero deaths”, added Mattarella speaking to the Quirinale.

Mattarella went on to say, “Work is a tool for people’s progress and affirmation, not a potentially lethal gamble. The goal of more work cannot translate into more accidents at work. For this, an exceptional effort must be made. Recovery is, together, a commitment to improve production conditions and to overcome the tragedy of deaths at work.”

Halt to the economic recovery

“The pandemic has upset these last two years. It has brought death, suffering, fear. And it has made us discover the values ​​of solidarity, responsibility, even of institutions at the service of the common good. We have shown that we know how to face the crisis.

“It is necessary today to face the abrupt halt to the economic recovery induced by the aggression of Russia. It is a vacuous attitude to discourage ourselves,” Mattarella continued, “for the tests that the hairpin bends of history offer on the various fronts, internal, European Union, international.”

“A conscious unity between the social forces must allow the “Cantiere Italia” to achieve the objectives of the PNRR, with a chapter of social relations at the height of modern times. It is not time for slogans. A conscious and fruitful dialogue is essential”, said Mattarella.

“The new ‘factory’ of the country must be able to hold together the social function of the company, innovation and productivity, economic growth and employment, dignity of work. The turning point we have helped to achieve in the EU has helped us in recent years, which has chosen to adopt expansive policies like never before. The idea emerged of a Europe that is increasingly credible in representing the necessary framework for our renewed participation in the global dimension and the key to our future. Because tomorrow does not wait.”

“We know that in terms of economic and social conditions there are challenges such as inflation, induced above all by the increase in the prices of energy and raw materials. We cannot afford to be wrong: two thirds of demand in Italy depends on household consumption.”

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