Canzian quarry

Workplace fatalities continue in Italy


A worker was crushed to death in a quarry near Treviso in northern Italy on Saturday. The grim spate of workplace fatalities continues in the country.

The man died this morning in an accident in Spresiano (Treviso) inside the ‘Canzian Inerti’ quarry, which produces building materials.

According to an initial reconstruction, the man was crushed during the operation of closing the bank of a tank for the transport of inert material. The fire brigade, Suem emergency 118 personnel, the Carabinieri and Spisal inspection officials rushed to the scene. However, they were unable to do anything for the victim.

On Friday, two more workers died, and one was in critical condition, at other sites. The spate of workplace fatalities continues unabated. A 60-year-old man died in an accident at a building site in Abruzzo. Furthermore, a 24-year-old farmer was crushed to death by his tractor near Latina south of Rome.

In the third case, a 35-year-old worker fell 10 metres from a factory roof near Pavia. He was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Workplace fatalities continue with saddening regularity

There have been almost a thousand workplace accident deaths so far this year, according to the Bologna Observatory on workplace safety.

Five rail maintenance workers were killed by a train at Brandizzo near Turin at the end of August.

The perceived spate of workplace fatalities spurred some government action, but the trend has continued, nonetheless.

Trade unions say it has now reached one a day, but if the Bologna observatory figures are to be believed, it is more than three per day.

A 22-year-old worker with a five-year-old son, Luana D’Orazio, was mangled to death by a weaving machine in Prato on May 3, 2021. This was the first fatality to really put the spotlight on workplace deaths. Whilst the government took action, this has so far proven mostly ineffective.

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