Image of a Rottweiler. A joggers was mauled to death by three dogs identified as Rottweilers

Jogger mauled to death by three dogs

By Region Central Italy News

Tragedy struck Sunday morning in Manziana, on the outskirts of Rome, where 39-year-old Paolo Pasqualini was discovered lifeless in the city woods. The jogger was mauled to death by three Rottweilers.

The alarm was raised around 8:30 am. Unfortunately, by the time help arrived, nothing could be done for the runner. Dressed in running attire, he lay on the ground with deep wounds inflicted by dog bites on his body and face.

It appeared that the 39-year-old had attempted to defend himself, evident from the numerous injuries on his arms. Following the grim discovery, authorities launched a search for the Rottweilers. Carabinieri, foresters, park rangers, and veterinarians joined forces to locate the dogs, closing off all access points and meticulously combing through the forest.

After several hours, the three Rottweilers were successfully captured and sedated. According to police investigations, they had escaped from a nearby house where the incident occurred.

Owners could face charges of manslaughter

The owners, shocked by the tragedy, were also located. They are potentially facing charges of negligence or manslaughter for failing to secure the dogs.

Witnesses present in the park at the time provided valuable insights into the events leading up to the attack.

The mayor of Manziana, Alessio Telloni, expressed profound sorrow over the incident, echoing the sentiments of the entire community.

Are Rottweilers generally dangerous?

All dogs have the potential to become aggressive if not socialised, untrained and if they feel vulnerable.

Originating in Roman times, Rottweilers served as invaluable herding and driving companions. Accompanying Roman legions as they traversed the Alps, these dogs safeguarded humans and guided cattle.

In the region of Rottweil, they mingled with indigenous breeds through natural breeding. Evolving over time, their primary roles shifted to driving and guarding cattle, as well as protecting their masters and property.

Rottweilers, renowned for their robust physique and innate herding and guarding instincts, possess considerable strength.

Instances of potentially hazardous behaviour in Rottweilers often stem from irresponsible ownership, mistreatment, neglect, or insufficient socialisation and training. According to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers exhibit affectionate and playful behaviour towards their owners and familiar individuals but are also naturally protective of their domain. They will display wariness towards strangers until formally introduced.

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