EU gay rights declaration not signed by Italy. Image shows woman waving a pride flag

Italy didn’t sign EU gay rights declaration


Italy didn’t sign an EU gay rights declaration on Friday because it mirrored a bill proposed by Democratic Party (PD) MP and gay activist Alessandro Zan in upping penalties for anti-gay discrimination, sources at the family ministry said.

Sources at Italy’s Family Ministry say Italy did not sign the EU gay rights declaration on Friday as it was too close to the Zan bill. Italy was not alone in rejecting the bill.

“Italy did not sign along with a third of the member states the declaration for the promotion of European policies in favour of the LGBTQI2A+ community because it was actually unbalanced on gender identity, hence basically the content of the Zan bill,” the sources explained to ANSA.

They continued, saying it was an “obvious criterion” meaning the government had not signed, since it is against the Zan bill.

It was a decision taken “days ago”, the same sources report. The sources also stated that on the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, several documents were produced and Italy adhered to the declaration against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia “because it was related to non-discrimination with respect to sexual orientation”.

In a report released on May 17, the European Union’s rights agency said sexual minorities face widespread intolerance and violence across EU countries.

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