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Gang rape shock in Italy


Following the gang rape of a young woman in Palermo, two 13-year-old cousins have allegedly been raped in Caivano. PM Meloni says she will visit the town following the invitation of the local parish priest.

Premier Giorgia Meloni on Monday reportedly told the cabinet she will go to Caivano, a town near Naples where two 13-year-old cousins were allegedly gang raped by six teenagers. This is just one of a number of alleged rape cases that have shocked Italy.

Meloni reportedly accepted the invitation of local parish priest Don Maurizio Patriciello.

The cousins, both aged 13, are believed to have been raped by a group of six teenagers, allegedly including one young adult. They were lured into an abandoned storage building at Parco Verde in Caivano in early July.

Investigations began in August after the girls’ families reported the incident to police. The adult suspect is said to have been identified and arrested.

Meanwhile, the girls have reportedly been removed from the area and taken into care.

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Palermo gang rape

The news of the alleged offence in Caivano comes amid ongoing investigations into the gang rape of a 19-year-old woman by seven young men in Palermo on the night of July 6-7.

A minor suspected of the gang rape was ordered back to prison from a juvenile home Thursday. He was bragging on TikTok about the support he has been getting from so-called fans on social media.

At the basis of the decision by the preliminary investigations judge (GIP) of the Court of Palermo is the fact that the suspect violated the magistrate’s orders and posted the videos.

The young man also posted threatening phrases on the social platform such as “whoever messes with me messes with death”.

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