gender violence survivors to speak in schools if PM says so. Red shoes on steps

Gender violence survivors to speak in schools


PM Giorgia Meloni said today she would like survivors of gender-based violence or relatives of victims to speak in schools.

For the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, Italy’s PM wants gender violence survivors to hold talks in schools.

“Nothing is more educational,” Meloni told journalist Bruno Vespa in an interview at the forum ‘Italy to Come’ at Masseria Li Reni.

On Wednesday, the government approved a bill clamping down on gender-based violence. The package includes new restraining orders and heightened surveillance on men guilty of domestic violence. It also boosts the emergency gender violence hotline.

The measures aim to interrupt the cycle of violence” and to “act promptly and effectively.

Tramontano stabbed 37 times

Giulia Tramontano, the 29-year-old seven-month pregnant Italian woman murdered by her 30-year-old boyfriend on May 27, suffered 37 stab wounds. Two were fatal to the neck, an autopsy revealed Friday.

One of the neck wounds severed her carotid artery.

The stab wounds were almost all in the upper part of the body, one also in the face and one pierced a lung. There were no signs of stab wounds to the belly. There were no signs of defence, medical examiners said.

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