Purple ribbon and stop violence message - Italian government to push through gender violence bill following

Government green lights gender violence bill


Yesterday evening, the government approved a gender violence bill which promises to clamp down on offenders. This is in light of a string of recent femicides in Italy.

Late last month a man killed his seven-month pregnant girlfriend near Milan after she objected to his affair with another woman. Meanwhile in Rome, a woman police officer was shot dead by a colleague she had had a relationship with, after which he shot himself.

According to official figures, femicides are up significantly this year. However, the overall homicide rate has dropped.

Yesterday, the Cabinet approved a bill with a package of measures whose thrust is prevention.  As Family and Equal Opportunities Minister Eugenia Roccella explained, “to interrupt the cycle of violence” and to “act promptly and effectively”. There will be a request to parliament for an urgent reading of the bill.

The package includes new restraining orders and heightened surveillance on men guilty of domestic violence, among other things.

It also boosts the emergency gender violence hotline.

Update on Tramontana murder

The house in Senago, near Milan, where Alessandro Impagnatiello stabbed to death Giulia Tramontana, his seven-months-pregnant fiancée, was perfectly tidy and clean. In fact, trace evidence was found thanks to luminol during the inspection on Tuesday, police said.

The case continues to claim headlines as further shocking details emerge.

Impagnatiello twice tried to dispose of his girlfriend’s body by burning it. However, he ended up storing her dead body in his house, all the while sending apparently urgent texts asking her to get in touch with him.

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