strega prize 2024 won by Donatella Di Pietrantonio. Image: Instagram

Di Pietrantonio wins Strega Prize 2024

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Donatella Di Pietrantonio was announced overnight as the winner of the 2024 Strega Prize, Italy’s top literary award, for her novel ‘L’Età Fragile’ (The Fragile Age).

The book, published by Einaudi, explores the relationship between a woman and her young adult daughter during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also addresses the issue of gender violence by referencing a crime case from Di Pietrantonio’s native Abruzzo in 1997.

“I promise that I will use my written and oral voice to defend the rights that my generation of women fought hard for and which today can no longer be taken for granted,” said Di Pietrantonio. The author, despite her success as a writer, continues her day job as a children’s dentist.

‘L’Età Fragile’ won the Strega Prize with 189 votes, well ahead of Dario Voltolini’s ‘Invernale,’ which came in second with 143 votes. The 62-year-old author previously won another of Italy’s top literary awards, the Premio Campiello, with her third novel, ‘Arminuta,’ in 2017.

Di Pietrantonio had already won the Strega Giovani Prize, the version of Italy’s top literary competition judged by teenagers aged 16 to 18 from over 100 secondary schools in Italy and abroad, for ‘L’Età Fragile.’

Di Pietrantonio with the Strega Giovani Prize
Image: Instagram
Di Pietrantonio with the Strega Giovani Prize

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