Mattarella addressing the Conference of Italian Ambassadors in the World says there are two main global risks

Climate and war to global risks which threaten world survival – Mattarella

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On Monday, President Sergio Mattarella highlighted global risks confronting the world today which pose a threat to its very survival.

Speaking at the 16th Conference of Italian Ambassadors in the World in Rome, Mattarella highlighted the global risks stemming from climate conditions, wars, and the Russian Federation’s actions in Ukraine.

“The challenges facing humanity put the survival of the planet at risk, starting from the consequences of the climate condition to the wars – which take us back to eras that have no right to be repeated – in which populations become hostages of the aggressive policies of their respective governments.” 

Mattarella cautioned against downplaying the Russian attack on Ukraine as a mere regional issue, asserting its destabilising impact on a global scale and its violation of international cooperation and dialogue instruments.

Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the president expressed concern for the civilian population paying the highest price and called for tightening the rules of international humanitarian law during armed conflicts. He deemed it unacceptable for attacks and reprisals to target defenceless civilians, urging the international community to prevent similar oppressive policies.

“To reduce the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine to a mere regional dimension would be a critical mistake.

“Its destabilising effects are being felt in all corners of the globe and violate the international instruments of cooperation and dialogue,” he continued.

Condemnation of ‘imperial’ logic

He condemned the resurgence of an ‘imperial’ logic in the third millennium, emphasizing the rejection of imperialist intentions by countries like Italy. The “re-emergence, in the third millennium, of an ‘imperial’ logic is unacceptable”.

“Nor it is any longer supported by the ideological alibi of confrontation/competition between systems based on opposing life projects.

“Only the logic of arrogance remains,” said Mattarella.

Mattarella underscored the importance of multilateralism for those nations aspiring to cooperate as equals with all states and peoples, emphasising the need to govern globalisation in alignment with the principles of freedom and well-being.

Mattarella also condemned the re-emergence of anti-Semitism resulting from the Israel-Hamas war, stressing the need for clear condemnation without ambiguity.

Turning to Europe, he acknowledged the imperfections of the European Union (EU) but reiterated its ongoing construction and the necessity of daily efforts for resilience, clarity, and patience.

“Like every human construction, the European Union is not perfect.

“It is a permanent construction site, to be shored up daily with the work of all, combining, together, resilience, firm clarity and patience, as is necessary for the conclusion of the ongoing negotiations for the Stability and Growth Pact.”

Furthermore, Mattarella advocated for greater use of majority voting at the European level to align EU enlargement with political and economic integration, considering them as interconnected aspects essential for the EU to play a relevant role internally and internationally.

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