Climate crisis needs radical approach

Climate Crisis requires radical choices says Mattarella

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The climate crisis requires us to make radical choices and rethink our way of life and economic systems, President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said on today.

Italian President Mattarella was speaking at the Trondheim University of Science and Technology in Norway. “Our societies have become fully aware of the dramatic effects of climate change, which require all of us to radically rethink the fundamentals of our living, economic and productive systems,” he said.

“The Russian Federation’s senseless aggression against Ukraine has made us fully aware of the strategic value of energy resources.

“This is not only because of their major economic impact, but also because the security and future of our communities are linked to energy security and independence”, added Mattarella.

“The management of energy resources, as well as food resources, cannot be an improper form of pressure and threat against the autonomy and independence of other peoples.”

“Achieving security and independence does not, therefore, mean relying exclusively on traditional energy sources, failing in our commitment to combating the climate crisis. The change of pace must be about innovation, not just about changing supply routes and suppliers,” said the President. He called for a “new paradigm”.

“We need to accelerate in the green transition,” he added.

How easy will change be?

In a recent YouGov survey, 81% of Italians were “very or fairly worried about climate change and its effects”.

Whilst many Italians are happy to make changes that require little change in lifestyle, radical changes are likely to prove unpopular.

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