March 2024 employment rate increased

March employment rate up

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Istat announced today that Italy’s employment rate reached a record high of 62.1% in March. It rose 0.3% with respect to February.

The national statistics agency said the number of people in employment was 23.849million, up by 70,000 with respect to February and by 425,000 compared to March 2023. Th increase in the employment rate affected both men and women, and all age groups with the exception of those aged 35 to 49.

Istat said the year-on-year rise was driven by an increase of 559,000 in the number of people in permanent jobs and a 46,000 rise in the self-employed. Meanwhile, the number of workers on temporary contracts dropped by 180,000.

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The agency also said the unemployment rate for March was 7.2%, down 0.2 of a point on February. It said the jobless rate for under-25s who are active on the labour market fell by 2.3 points to 20.1%.

Furthermore, the agency said the inactivity rate was stable at 33.0%. This despite the absolute number of people aged 15 to 64 who are not active on the labour market increased by 12,000 with respect to February in absolute terms.

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