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Average income in Italy 2022

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If you’re of working age and looking to move to Italy, you’d be wise to double-check average income in Italy statistics. The declarations for 2023 were released by the economy ministry this week and show an average declared income of €23,650.

The average annual income of an Italian taxpayer was 23,650 euros in 2022, the economy ministry said on Wednesday. Their annual report gave the figures based on the 2023 tax declarations of 42 million people.

The ministry said the highest-earning region was Lombardy, with an average declared income of €27,890. The lowest declared income was in Calabria, with €17,160.

The report also said the number of taxpayers increased by 1.3% with respect to 202. Furthermore, the total amount of earnings declared by individuals rose by 6.3% to €970.2billion, an increase of 58 billion.

Comparison with other figures

However, if you look at average income in Italy figures bandied around by sites encouraging ex-pats to move to here, you’ll see figures such as €43,900 pa (Salary Explorer) and €35,561pa (We are Developers).

In January, Statista published 2022 salary figures stating an average of €31,500, ranking it in the middle of European countries.

Of course, there may well be a disparity between government and statistical analysis figures. The government is going by declarations of all people who should be paying tax. This will be a higher number than those earning a salary, thereby reducing the average.

One thing that is consistent is that earnings are considerably higher in the north of the country than the south. For the highest wages head to Lombardy (Milan), Lazio (Rome) and Piedmont (Turin).

There is still a significant gender pay gap, with Italy the worst in Europe for female employment.

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