car-free Sundays in Rome. Man on bike by Colosseum

Traffic-free Sundays in Rome

By Region Central Italy Environment News

As part of Rome’s car-free initiative, tomorrow (4th December) will see restrictions within the city. The aim is to reduce air pollution.

The second of five traffic restricted Sundays is 4th December. It is a drive to reduce and combat air pollution in Rome.

Rome has banned motorists from driving within the fascia verde (green belt) on Sunday 4 December from 07.30 to 12.30 and from 16.30 until 20.30.

Rome mayor Roberto Gualtieri ordered the restrictions as part of five car-free Sundays scheduled on 20 November, 4 December, 8 January, 5 February and 26 March 2023.

Tweet from Rome city regarding car-free Sundays

Ecological Sundays

Designed to curb air pollution in the capital, the car-free days are known as domeniche ecologiche (Ecological Sundays).

There are a number of exemptions to the traffic ban. These include less-polluting vehicles, electric cars and people travelling for essential medical treatment.

Full details are available on the Rome city website.

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