Turin International Book Fair 2021

Turin International Book Fair, 14-18 October: writers attending from all over the world

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Entitled “Vita supernova”, the Turin International Book Fair is at the Lingotto from 14 to 18 October. An additional 18,000 square metres is available to avoid crowding.

The 33rd edition of the Turin International Book Fair will see 97% of the publishers who joined the 2019 Salone back in attendance. The title is “Vita supernova”, scheduled from 14 to 18 October.

More space to meet Covid regulations

 An additional 18,000 square metres is available for the event. There will be an additional entrance, the three canons plus one from the Lingotto shopping center. The corridors will be four metres wide according to the rules of the protocol.

There are also more rooms. The events, says Silvio Viale, president of the Torino Città del Libro association, must be booked and there will also be a last-minute ticket. Among the novelties there is also a Business Centre for publishers.

Only European Trade Fair this autumn

“All publishers can arrive from abroad in complete safety as they always have – says Viale – we are the only European trade fair that has moved in autumn”.

The president of the Circolo dei Lettere Foundation Giulio Biino is optimistic. “This is the richest programme ever, extremely pop and extremely captivating.” Biino does not want to talk about restart but about culture.

He also has a view on the candidates running to lead the city of Turin. “I have heard little about culture from the main candidates for mayors, but Turin is ahead of many Italian cities. There is only one book fair in Italy and it is in Turin”.

Supernova Life

“Supernova life, a star that could illuminate but that can also blind, in our future”, says the director of the Salone, Nicola Lagioia. “We thought it would be a very Italian edition, but writers from all over the world have arrived, some of them we chased for years.

“It will be the Salone with the richest and largest programme in its history, proving that the book always wins. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche inaugurates, which the Salone has long wanted, and Edgar Morin will celebrate his 100th birthday here.

Javier Cercas is coming, there is crime writer Gimenez Bartlett. There will still be Michel Houellebecq and the author of the book from which the film “Nomadland” was based, Jessica Bruder. There was a great desire to respond, [including] masters like Domenico Starnone who presents his new book here”.

Vita Supernova

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