Mario Draghi in the Time top 100 most influential people

Draghi in Time top 100 influential people 2021 list

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Mario Draghi appears in the Time top 100 influential people in 2021 list. This is the third time the Italian PM has appeared on it. He is the only Italian to make the list this year.

The only Italian on the list, Mario Draghi is among the Time top 100 most influential people of 2021; the third time he’s made the list.

Janet Yellen explains the reasons for Draghi’s inclusion. “The United States is grateful to have Mario again as a partner”, writes the secretary to the US Treasury and former Fed chief.

Draghi is among the twenty global leaders selected by Time this year. They include, among others, United States President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump. Yellen goes back to the famous message of July 2012, when Draghi proclaimed the ECB “was ready for anything” to save the Euro. His famous, ‘whatever it takes’.

Stabilised the European economy

“Draghi and the ECB helped stabilise the European economy. I was at the Fed at the time and was particularly grateful to have a partner like Mario on the other side of the Atlantic; someone with great experience and strong nerves,” notes Yellen.

Now as head of the Italian government, Draghi “guides the country through the pandemic with a skilful hand, defending a rapid vaccination campaign and refreshment measures for businesses and workers”.

Backed by a large allocation of EU funds, the Italian premier “has set in motion necessary and politically difficult policies to make the economy greener, reduce inequalities and move forward with digitalisation”.

Yellen completes her review saying;  “It’s been nine years since his famous speech, but Mario’s ‘do whatever it takes’ approach is more relevant and inspiring than ever.

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