Workplace fatality in Genoa

Another workplace fatality as man falls from scaffolding in Genoa

By Region News North-west Italy

A man died this morning in via Cecchi in Genoa. The 54-year-old worker fell from a scaffold while working. It is believed he was working at the height of the third floor. It is yet another workplace fatality this year.

ASL inspectors are investigating and will verify the presence, or not, of all safety devices. According to an initial reconstruction, the worker was assembling a scaffolding of a building where the renovation of the facade was to begin.

The man would have fallen from the third floor, ending up on the pavement. The cause of the fall is not yet clear. It would appear, on first inspection, he did have a safety harness. Investigators are trying to find if the fall was due to a failure of a part of the scaffolding or building, or by the loss of balance for other reasons.

Witness saw him fall

 “I was working from underneath. I heard noises and saw my colleague fall. He hit the scaffolding several times before he got to the ground. He was tied up and maybe the harness didn’t hold,” said one of the workers.

In April he worked for the SP Servizi Ponteggi company, which works as a subcontractor on that site. The man lived in Sampierdarena with his wife and daughter.

Investigators seized a broken wooden plank that served as a walkway. It may have been the sagging of the wooden plank that caused the fall. “The economic recovery does not come at the expense of safety and compliance with labour regulations.”

Increasing number of workplace fatalities

In the first 7 months of the year, 50 accidents at work per day occurred in Liguria. Of these 14 were fatal; a 6.3% increase over 2020.

The unions all expressed their condolences on the man’s death and reiterated their anger over the number of deaths.

“The death of a worker, in addition to being a very painful event for the family and for all of us, is yet another slap in the face of safety in the workplace. The situation is getting worse. Enough avoidable deaths”, said the general secretary of CISL Liguria Luca Maestripieri.

“The measure is full, another worker will not return to his family this evening, we are no longer a civilised country”; Igor Magni General Secretary of the Chamber of Labour and Federico Pezzoli General Secretary Fillea Cgil Genoa and Liguria, stated.

“A dead man at work even today, in Genoa another tragedy that is consumed by now as a daily representation to which one cannot get used. At a time when construction is experiencing a great recovery, it is necessary to pay more attention and put in place all possible training “. This statement by Fabio Servidei, organisational secretary of Uil Liguria, Antonio Apa, general secretary of Uilm Genova Mirko Trapasso, general secretary of Feneal Uil Liguria.

“An endless massacre that is consumed every day in the workplace. On behalf of the UGL, I express my condolences to the family of the dead worker. We ask the government to take urgent action to prevent similar tragedies from happening again. The absolute priority is safety, which must be guaranteed to workers through investments and inspections in companies and construction sites.” This was the statement of Paolo Capone, General Secretary of the UGL and Francesco Zolezzi, Regional Secretary of UGL Liguria.

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