migrants in a packed blue boat arriving in Lampedusa, Italy. Image by Concetta Rizzo (EFE)

Lampedusa deluged with migrants


On Tuesday, hundreds of migrants arrived on the island of Lampedusa within a few hours. Reportedly, the majority of them departed from Sfax in Tunisia.

According to news agency Ansa, the majority of the hundreds of migrants who arrived at Lampedusa departed from Sfax, Tunisia. Many were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard, with others rescued by non-profit rescue ships and other small boats arriving independently.

From footage shown by SKY Italia, the migrants were mainly young men, with some young women and children walking barefoot among them.

Throughout the summer, authorities have shuttled migrants in and out of the temporary facility on the island. The facility is designed to house 400 people but frequently struggles to accommodate thousands.

From Lampedusa, most migrants are transferred to other parts of Italy.

Meloni’s pact with Tunisia does not appear to be working

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni, had enlisted the European Union’s help to form an agreement with Tunisia in a bid to stop the migrant boats. In exchange, Tunisia would receive economic and other aid.

whose right-wing government includes an,

Meloni’s efforts have not slowed the arrivals. The number of migrants arriving by sea in Italy this year was expected to surpass 100,000 on Tuesday.

Meloni’s coalition centre-right government includes an anti-migrant party. Her Deputy PM, Matteo Salvini, is also being tried for anti-migrant actions he took whilst a minister under the government of Conte.

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