teenage girl holding mobile. Juvenile criminals may be banned from using mobile phones.

Juvenile criminals may be banned from using mobile phones


Juvenile criminals face being banned from having or using cell phones, according to the draft of a decree set to be examined by the cabinet tomorrow.

Meloni’s cabinet is to consider a draft decree that addresses underage crime, youth problems and ‘educational poverty’ tomorrow. The draft says that police will be able to issue oral warnings to problematic minors aged over 14.

Furthermore, if convicted of certain crimes involving violence, weapons or drugs, the police will be able to request that a court ban them “from using specifically indicated information and telematic platforms and services” and from “possessing cellular telephones”.

The decree also seeks to prevent troubled minors from dropping out of school.

The draft said the police will be able to summon the parents or guardian of the minors given an oral warning, and issue fines of between €200 and €1,000 if they fail to ensure the child fulfils their education obligations.

The draft also envisages that minors convicted of crimes with a term of up five years will be able to go on a “reform path”. That would include socially-useful activities for free for non-profit associations or for the homes or facilities they have been entrusted to.

Juvenile crime is high on the government’s agenda after several recent cases that shocked the nation, including the gang rape of two cousins aged 10 and 12 in Caivano.

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