Jaan Roose of Estonia broke a new world record on Wednesday

Estonian slackline athlete crosses Strait of Messina

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Three-time world champion slackliner Jaan Roose of Estonia broke a new world record on Wednesday by walking across the Messina Strait on a slackline tightrope.

The Red Bull athlete began his journey from the Santa Trada Pier in Villa San Giovanni on the Calabrian side of the strait, harnessed at a height of 250 metres. Roose aimed to achieve a never-before-attempted feat: the Messina Crossing, which involves traversing the 3,600 metres of the Straits of Messina on a 1.9-centimeter-wide rope.


Upon completing the crossing, Jaan Roose was greeted with a slushy ‘granita’, a Sicilian specialty, and expressed his happiness with the accomplishment, stating, “I’m very happy with the feat.”

However, his achievement cannot be officially recorded in the Guinness World Records because he fell about 80 meters from the finish line before getting back on the slackline and completing the crossing. Despite this, Roose’s 3,600-metre attempt far surpassed the previous record of 800 metres, though it remains unratified due to the requirement for an error-free crossing.

Thankfully, the rest of us can still cross to Sicily via ferry, or perhaps in the near future via Salvini’s Messina Strait Bridge.

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