Storm damage in Genoa. Image:

Italy Struggles with Widespread Storm Damage


Italy remained in the grip of bad weather on Sunday following the onslaught of strong winds and heavy rainfall on Saturday. The storm damage led to significant disruptions across the country.

The situation was particularly dire in the northwestern coastal region of Liguria, where numerous areas experienced mudslides and flooding during the night and into Sunday morning.

In Genoa, ten elderly residents of a retirement home in the Coronata district were evacuated to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Additionally, several roads and an underpass in the coastal city had to be shut due to mudslides and flooding.

In Molini di Triora near Imperia, approximately a hundred individuals found themselves stranded due to storm damage, this time in the form of a landslide.

Moving further north into neighbouring Piemonte, heavy snowfall above 1,000 meters resulted in electricity and telephone outages in various locations. Moreover, around 30 roads were forced to close due to the looming threat of avalanches, landslides, or flooding.

In the adjacent Lombardy region, reports of heavy snowfall emerged from Valtellina and Valchiavenna in the province of Sondrio. Meanwhile, firefighters were called upon roughly 150 times to address extreme weather-related incidents, particularly in the provinces of Brescia, Milan, Cremona, and Mantua.

In the capital city of Rome, a tufa wall collapsed in Via San Francesco di Sales, within the bustling Trastevere district. Although four parked cars were engulfed by the debris, fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Continuing southward into Campania, there were disruptions to maritime connections with the islands of Procida and Ischia due to the presence of strong winds.

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