Mattarella and Macron in front of flags.. Italy can look after itself says Mattarella

“Italy can look after itself” says Mattarella


Italian politicians respond to French Minister Boone who says they “will watch over the respects of rights and freedom” in Italy. President Mattarella says “Italy can look after itself”.

Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader and likely future Italian Prime Minster Giorgia Meloni demanded the French government distance itself from comments by its European Affairs Minister Laurence Boone. The French minister was quoted as saying Paris would monitor respect for the rule of law under the new government in Rome.  

“I read in La Repubblica that French Minister Laurence Boone reportedly said ‘we want to work with Rome but we will watch over the respect of rights and freedom’ and ‘we will be very attentive to the respect of the values and regulations of the rule of law’,” Meloni said on Facebook.

“I’m hoping the left-wing press has misinterpreted the statements made by members of a foreign government; and I trust that the French government will deny these words, which seem too much like an unacceptable threat of interference against a sovereign State and EU member.

“The age of governments led by the PD asking for protection from abroad is over”.

French and Italian Presidents respond to Boone’s comments

Italian President Sergio Mattarella said Italy could look after itself. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris would work with the new premier “with good will”. He added, “I want to express all my friendship and my full confidence in President (Sergio) Mattarella and in the conclusions he will draw from the assessment” of the elections in Italy.

Mattarella said, “Italy can look after itself while respecting the (Italian) Constitution and the values of the European Union”.

Sources at Boone’s office said the minister’s thoughts had been “excessively simplified” and that “France obviously respects the democratic choice of the Italians.

“The minister, who is close to Italy, wants to carry on the work of cooperation and wishes to dialogue with the future executive as soon as possible.

“The minister does not mean to give lessons to anyone”.

FdI’s Ignazio La Russa said Meloni and Mattarella were “in tune” with Premier Mario Draghi. The outgoing PM said the EU was curious but not concerned about the next Italian government.

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