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Nutella teams up with ANSA to mark 59th anniversary

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The chocolate and hazelnut spread Nutella is joining forces with Italian news agency ANSA to celebrate the spread’s 59th anniversary. There will be 59 limited edition jars.

Nutella has teamed up with ANSA to mark its 59th anniversary. The iconic Italian spread from Ferrero will issue 59 limited edition jars featuring news stories taken from the archives of ANSA new agency.

Entitled Nutella With You, it recounts scientific discoveries, inventions and many other historical landmarks in the years since 1964.

A QR code on the jars will give access from October in sales outlets across Italy to stories and pictures selected by ANSA. They will create a digital show of each passing year.

Included among the stories are the birth of Nutella in Turin, the advent of email in 1971, the erasable pen in 1981; the arrival of the World Wide Web in 1991, and the first smartphones in 2007.

What’s more, working with Spotify, Nutella has created a sound track to enable buyers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of each year.

The lucky buyers will be able to make their own playlist.

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