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Uffizi Tik Tok racks up over 2.5million ‘likes’

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The Uffizi Museum continues to captivate audiences on social media, celebrating a remarkable milestone of over 2.5 million ‘likes’ on Tik Tok. This social media platform is especially popular among the younger generation.

In an official statement, the museum shared its journey to social media stardom, recalling a pivotal moment when they published a video on June 2nd last year featuring a visit by pop sensation Dua Lipa. This marked the achievement of one million ‘likes.’ Fast forward to just over a year later, and the Uffizi Tik Tok channel has more than doubled this remarkable feat.

Eike Schmidt, the museum’s director, can now bask in the glow of the Uffizi’s social media success. This comes on the heels of a recent controversy involving the invitation of Egidio Giuliani, a former far-right terrorist associated with the neo-fascist Nar group, who is still serving time for a murder in Prato. Giuliani was invited to speak at a conference on Caravaggio but faced widespread backlash, resulting in the cancellation of his invitation.

Schmidt, who is reportedly a centre-right candidate for mayor, commented on the changing demographics of museum visitors. He noted, “Those who visit the Uffizi can easily notice that the average age of visitors has dropped; the rooms are full of young people. This is a positive consequence of the museum’s approach to the language and needs of the youngest.”

How has Uffizi generated these social media likes?

The Uffizi’s “impetuous and constant” growth on social media is attributed to their latest experiment: direct collaborations with content creators under 30. They are already collaborating with ten of them.

At least once a month, the Uffizi welcomes young TikTok influencers into its hallowed halls, creating videos with them to share on their respective channels. Although some collaborations have sparked controversy, the museum’s management views this strategy as a resounding success.

The hunt for ‘guests’ with millions of likes is on. Topping the list are popular figures such as:

  • Rey Sciutto (6.8 million likes, 236,500followers),
  • art enthusiast Lucrezia Lugli (3.9 million likes, 58,300 followers),
  • Rachele Borotto Dalla Vecchia, known as the “Blonde with Stendhal” (1.2 million likes, 28,800 followers),
  • Matteo Demi, the creator behind “TV for Gen Z” (3.2 million likes, 76,000 followers),
  • Matto Varini (20.7 million likes, 370,700 followers),
  • Sasy Cacciatore (42.3 million likes, 641,900 followers),
  • Massimiliano Pedone (15.8 million likes, 335,500 followers).

The museum’s management announced that this experiment, active for a few months, is yielding fruitful results and will continue at least throughout 2023. Additionally, a new collaboration with Florentine influencer Ginevra Fenyes is in the works, boasting over 130,000 followers.

Notable posts from the Uffizi include one featuring the façade of the Gallery speaking (101.9k likes and 895.9k views), followed by a video by Sasy Cacciatore (112.9k likes and 702.6k views), and third place goes to Matto Varini’s Medusa portrayal (71.4k likes and 394.4k views).

How does the Uffizi compare to other art museums?

In the realm of art museum complexes on social media, the Uffizi ranks second with 2.5 million ‘likes,’ only surpassed by the Prado Museum in Madrid. The Prado reigns with 4.5 million ‘likes,’ leaving the Hermitage of St. Petersburg with 2.4 million trailing behind.

The National Gallery in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York share the same spot with 1.5 million ‘likes,’ while the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam boasts 985,000.

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