Uffizi Gallery outside - two women pose in skimpy clothes there

Scantily-clad women pose before Botticelli’s Venus


Two young women posed in skimpy outfits in front of Botticelli’s Venus at the Uffizi Gallery. It was a ploy to boost their social media traffic.

A couple of skimpily clad young women posed in front of Botticelli’s Venus at the Uffizi Gallery today. It was a move intending to boost their as social-media traffic. It was not received well by FdI whip Alessandro Draghi.

“Botticelli’s Venus can’t be used by them for an indecent stunt. And I’m surprised the custodians didn’t even notice or that the matter wasn’t brought to Director Eike Schmidt’s attention,” said Alessandro Draghi. He called for the “offending images to be taken down”.

The Uffizi said it moved swiftly to rectify the situation.

“This morning the images were immediately reported and the museum immediately took action to request that the unauthorised images be removed from Instagram,” the Uffizi Gallery said.

 “Clearly these two people entered the museum with their jackets closed; and they had a careful look around and opened them up while remaining out of the line of vision of the guards. “They would have been accompanied out of the museum (if they had been seen) as has happened in the rare similar cases that have happened over the last few years”.

Jean-Paul Gaultier used the same image on a clothing line without permission. The Uffizi Gallery is suing him as a result.

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