Adam and Eve Brancacci Chape, Florence. Image courtesy of jean louis mazieres via Flickr under creative commons license

Restoration of the Brancacci Chapel in Florence

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From February it will be possible to admire at close range the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel. Painted by Massacio, Masolino and Filippino Lippi, they are within the Santa Maria del Carmine church in Florence.

The Brancacci Chapel is under restoration and will remain open so that visitors can take advantage of the scaffolding erected to view the masterpiece closely. The restoration should take 1 year to enable stabilisation of the frescoes.

Brancacci Chapel in Florence. Image courtesy of Richard Mortel via under creative commons license

See Brancacci Chapel frescoes at close range

The opportunity to see the finer details of the pictorial cycle of frescoes so closely has not been possible for centuries.

Normally, visitors view the frescoes from below. Now we are able to look Adam and Eve in the eye. Head up the stairs and see the frescoes from a few centimeters. The construction of a special lift is also planned to allow disabled people to access the pictorial cycle dedicated to the stories of the Genesis and life of St Peter. This cycle was created by Masolino e Masaccio between 1424 and 1428. It is one of the most relevant examples of Florentine Renaissance painting

 Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to see the Capella Brancacci frescoes commissioned by Felice Brancacci.

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