Cash payments measure removed from 2023 budget

Budget 2023 amends – cash payments measure removed

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On 17 and 18 December 2022, the Government filed three packages of amendments at the Budget Bill 2023. Among the amendments was the controversial cash payments measure.

The government presented an amendment to its 2023 budget bill removing a controversial measure that would have enabled retailers to refuse card payments for amounts up to €60.

Opposition parties criticised the move, saying it would have made tax evasion easier. It was also among the aspects of the package the European Commission picked fault with.

The amendment means shops, cafes and bars will not have the right to refuse cards and demand cash; even for the payment of small things such as a coffee.

The amendment also raises the minimum pension for over-75s to €600, although for the moment this move is only valid for 2023.

Other amendments to proposed budget

Alongside the cash payments measure, other provisions included in the amendments presented were:

  • extension to 31 December 2022 of the deadline for the presentation of the CILAS to keep the superbonus at 110% also in 2023;
  • increase to 80% of the allowance for parental leave for alternative parents;
  • increase to €600 of minimum pensions for the over 75s;
  • extension of tax credits for investments in the outh, in the earthquake crater areas of central Italy, in the ZES and in the ZLS.

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