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Berlusconi’s ‘shaky health’ won’t stop corruption trial


Berlusconi’s ‘shaky health’ is no reason to suspend a corruption trial involving him, an Italian judge ruled on Wednesday.

Whilst the European Court is investigating the conviction of Berlusconi for tax fraud in 2013, the former Italian PM is embroiled in another trial.  Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is reported to be seriously ill. However, the corruption trial will not be suspended because of that.

Berlusconi’s position no different to other defendants

An Italian judge on Wednesday rejected a request by to suspend a corruption trial involving him because he is seriously ill.

However, Judge Marco Tremolada set the next hearing for all defendants for 8th September. This gives the 84-year-old billionaire more than three months to recover.

The hearing concerns a case connected to one in which he was acquitted of having sex with an underage girl nicknamed “Ruby”. Tremolada ruled Berlusconi’s position should not be separated from the other defendants, rejecting pleas from both the prosecutors and defence.

Berlusconi stands accused of bribing witnesses to stay silent over the underage prostitution case. He has always denied any wrongdoing.

“Berlusconi’s inability to attend the trial may inevitably lead to trial paralysis for the other defendants,” said Berlusconi lawyer Federico Cecconi.

Berlusconi’s health issues

Berlusconi contracted Covid-19 in September last year. The four-time prime minister, has been in and out of hospital since then. Speculation is rife as to the state of his health.

Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano said Berlusconi suffered from multiple psychiatric and neurological ailments which were unlikely to be cured by September. However, the judge said the court was optimistic about his recovery and refused to suspend the trial.

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