Hospital San Raffaele where berlusconi is responding well to treatment

Berlusconi responding well to treatment, doctor says


Silvio Berlusconi’s doctor Alberto Zangrillo said Berlusconi was responding well to treatment. Berlusconi was admitted to the intensive care unit of Milan’s San Raffaele on Wednesday.

Silvio Berlusconi, the media billionaire and Forza Italia (FI) leader is being treated for a lung infection and chronic leukaemia.

His doctor, Zangrillo spoke to journalists, saying, “I am serene because we are doing our best.” As well as being Berlusconi’s personal doctor, he is also the head of the intensive care unit the tycoon is in. The hospital is the San Raffaele in Milan.

“And I am serene because I have before me a patient who is a great friend, which I can’t deny and so there is also my personal involvement. But he is also a person who is used to always giving the best possible response.

“So, even with a serious pathology and in a very difficult situation, he is responding well to the treatment”.

Berlusconi wants to go home

Berlusconi, 86, is already asking to go home, medical sources said on Saturday, adding that his condition is stable. However, he still has a lung infection.

The politician’s close aide Gianni Letta said on Saturday that Berlusconi was better than he expected after visiting him.

“I visited him in intensive care,” Letta told reporters. “We spoke and I found him better than I thought I would. We can wish him a Happy Easter because the road of the rebirth, if not the resurrection, has been taken”.

Paolo Barelli, the FI leader in the Lower House, told La7 television on Saturday that the ex-PM’s third night in intensive care “passed quietly”.

“Berlusconi is responding to the therapies. This is very important and gives us hope,” he added.

On Friday, Berlusconi told Augusto Minzolini, editor of the former Berlusconi family newspaper Il Giornale, via telephone that “it’s tough”, but that he would “make it this time too”.

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