Assisi to project Giotto frescoes on Basilica walls

Assisi to project Giotto’s Nativity Scenes onto Basilica

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In the town of Assisi, Umbria, the facade of Basilica of St. Francis will display scenes from Giotto’s nativity.

From 8th December to 10th January, video projections of scenes from Giotto’s nativity will appear on the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi. The video-mapping project was hugely popular last year.

Italy’s Patron Saint

Giotto’s Nativity frescoes will be beamed onto the façade of the Basilica di S. Francesco over the Christmas season. As well as the church dedicated to the saint, the images will appear on other landmarks around the town.

These include the Cathedral of S. Rufino, the Basilica of S. Chiara and the Abbey of S. Pietro.

Canonised in 1228, St. Francis, alongside Catherine of Siena, is a patron saint of Italy. He later became associated with patronage of animals and the natural environment. It is customary for churches to hold ceremonies blessing animals on or near his feast day of 4 October.

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Stars show the way

Stars will illuminate the path between the video-mapping sites. There will also be life-size sculptures and colourful artistic lighting on the houses in the historic centre.

From 17.00 to 22.00, every evening, at 30-minute intervals, Giotto’s Nativity will be switched off and in its place a video-mapping show will offer views of the basilica’s interior.

Full details are on the Natale di Francesco d’Assisi website

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