Theodoric the Great

Verona floor mosaic could have been part of ‘Theodoric the Great’s’ villa

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Gas pipe replacement uncovers floor mosaic at Montorio outside Verona. It is believed to be part of a villa owned by Theodoric the Great.

A floor mosaic believed to be part of a villa once owned by sixth-century AD Ostrogothic ’emperor’ Theodoric the great has been unearthed outside Verona, local sources said Wednesday. The find was made during digging to replace gas pipes at Montorio outside Verona.

Experts said the size and richness of the mosaic features indicated ownership by Theodoric (454-526) or one of his highest ministers.

 “Bits of mosaic, thermal facilities and residential complexes have been emerging in a scattered way at Montorio over the past decades and it is now time to systematise them,” said Verona cultural heritage superintendent Vincenzo Tinè.

Who was Theodoric?

 Theodoric (or Theoderic) the Great was king of the Ostrogoths (471-526). He ruled the independent Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy between 493 and 526AD and was regent of the Visigoths (511-526). He was also a patrician of the East Roman Empire.

As ruler of the combined Gothic realms, Theodoric controlled an empire stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Adriatic Sea.

Theodoric only used the title ‘king’ (rex). However, some scholars characterise him as a Western Roman Emperor in all but name. He also ruled large parts of the former Western Roman Empire. Furthermore, he received the former Western imperial regalia from Constantinople in 497. Some of his subjects referred to him by the title “augustus”.

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