Taliban raiding private homes looking for collaborators. Crédito editorial: john smith 2021 / Shutterstock.com

Taliban carrying out door-to-door raids reports Emergency


The Italian NGO Emergency announced on Friday that there are reports of the Taliban carrying out door-to-door raids.

The Taliban are looking for Afghan rights activists and people that worked with the NATO-led 20-year mission.

10,000 Afghans seeking way out of Kabul

The charity also said 10,000 Afghans are desperately looking for a flight out of Kabul.

“We have unofficial reports of Taliban going into the houses of former activists, artists and people who in the past took sides against the Taliban regime,” said Alberto Zanin. He is the medical coordinator of Emergency’s centre in the Afghan capital.

 He was keen to stress these were just rumours. However, he added “The Taliban are reportedly entering private houses to look for weapons and documents, which may spoil their reputation in the city”.

Zanin continued, “Yesterday fresh people injured by gunshots arrived from Kabul airport, in all five or six people. Clashes at the airport are still a very present reality. It is the only place where there continue to be chaos and tension. Some 10,000 people are said to be trying to get evacuation flights.”

Last week, Emergency’s founder Gino Strada died.

Italy is repatriating hundreds of Afghans who are under threat of reprisals.

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