C130s take part in Afghan airlift

Afghan airlift: 400 on their way to Italy


Italy is bringing 400 more Afghans threatened with Taliban reprisals to Italy. The Afghan airlift from Kabul is stepping up pace.

Twenty or so Afghan former assistants to Italy’s 20-year mission in Afghanistan were airlifted out on Monday. They were followed by a further 200 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Italian Airforce C130s in Afghan airlift

An Italian air force C130 left Kabul Thursday morning with 99 Afghan citizens aboard. Another left during the night carrying 95 Afghans. They will all transfer in Kuwait before flying to Rome.

Whilst the airport is under control of the American forces, the Taliban have set up checkpoints on roads leading to it. They are preventing Afghans from leaving the country.

Twelve people have died since Sunday at the airport.

Italy speaking with USA

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio spoke to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken overnight. He reiterated the importance of acting with the utmost unity, prioritising respect and safeguards for human rights.

They agreed the two countries will collaborate closely on the evacuation of Afghans and may set up joint flights.

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