International police with suspect from Turkish terror gang

Police dismantle Turkish terror gang


Milan investigators announced on Wednesday that 19 people have been arrested in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey during dawn operations. Hundreds of police officers were involved in the ops aimed at dismantling a Turkish terror gang.

Among the suspects is the gang’s alleged leader, Baris Boyun, a 39-year-old Turkish national of Kurdish origin and one of Ankara’s most wanted men. The charges against the suspects include murder, terrorist attacks, and membership in an armed group for terrorist purposes.

Boyun was taken into custody from an apartment in Viterbo, north of Rome, where he had been under house arrest. He had previously been detained in Rimini in August 2022 under an international warrant issued by Turkish authorities for allegations including murder, criminal association, and arms offences. Boyun has denied these allegations, claiming he is being persecuted for his Kurdish origins and had successfully fought extradition in the Italian courts.

Masterminding Turkish terror gang whilst under house arrest

According to the warrant for Wednesday’s operations, Boyun continued to lead a criminal network active in many parts of Europe from his residence in Crotone while under house arrest.

He is also accused of masterminding a planned attack in March on a Turkish aluminium factory involving suicide bombers, which was thwarted thanks to information exchanged between Italian and Turkish police.

The warrant revealed that in a wiretapped conversation, Boyun had boasted that “all of Turkey” would talk about his plans.

In a 16th January wiretap, Boyun allegedly stated he had informed the “upper hierarchy of the PKK” that “we don’t accept an organisation like this and we will found a new organisation, starting a new revolution.”

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