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Lavazza unveils its ‘Solar Coffee Garden’ at Dubai Expo

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Premier Italian coffee producer Lavazza on Friday unveiled its ‘Solar Coffee Garden’ at the Italian pavilion at the Dubai Expo. It is inspired by the principles of the circular economy.

The Solar Coffee Garden is a huge coffee-maker fed by solar energy. Inspired by the principles of the circular economy, it provides an immersive experience of coffee, from the bean to the cup.

“Lavazza wants to help spread the excellence of Made in Italy marked by sustainability and innovation; essential levers to design and face the future that have always been part of our DNA”, said Francesca Lavazza, Board Member of the Lavazza Group.

“I strongly believe in the role of businesses as ‘development actor’: we are responsible for the impact on society and at the same time we must be a model of sustainable business development. Our presence at the Italian Pavilion aims to recount our work for a better future”.

The world of ¡Tierra!

Designed by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, the Solar Coffee Garden coffee maker takes visitors into the world of ¡Tierra! Every cup of coffee tells the true story of sustainability, respecting planet and people.

“We are continuing a path that started some time ago,” says Carlo Colpo, Marketing Communication Director & Brand Home Director of the Lavazza Group, “which today we recount via Blend for Better. It is a communication platform that embodies our commitment as a firm and which, via the strength of our brands, aims to generate shared value on society, people and the environment”.

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