Chiari station where a worker was hit and killed by a train. Image: Laura Faccoli - Own work

Another worker hit and killed by train

By Region News North-east Italy

In the early hours of Tuesday morning a worker was hit and killed by a train at Chiari station near the northern city of Brescia.

The man, aged 51, was reportedly working for an external contractor on a construction site at the station when the accident occurred.

It is thought he may not have seen the train coming due to thick fog.

Initial investigations into the incident suggest that the victim crossed the tracks unduly, sources at state railway company FS said on Tuesday.

“Initial investigations suggest that the accident resulted from an undue crossing of the tracks, but checks are in progress,” the sources said.

The same sources said the victim was carrying out work on behalf of grid operator Terna and that he was hit by an Italo train bound for Bergamo.

In September, five workers were killed at Brandizzo as they carried out overnight maintenance work.

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