winter conditions to arrive in Italy this weekend

Winter due to hit Italy this weekend


Winter conditions are forecast to hit Italy on Sunday say meteorologists. The conditions may last for some time.

The first real winter conditions of the season are set to hit Italy on Sunday and last for some time, weathermen said Thursday.

“January 15th will be the date of the first meteorological inversion towards a marked change in the weather,” said Lorenzo Tedici of the website.

Weather is on the change

The recent balmy spell recently gave way to rain and high winds. However, the temperatures are still far from average high temperatures. Tedici said colder and more unstable air will move in from northern Europe starting Sunday.

There will be a bright side to the cold front as it will bring much-needed snow to both northern and central mountains. Currently, there is a snow crisis in the central Apennines that is threatening winter tourism along the spine of Italy and has already cost over 50 millon euros.

“Conditions will be more typical of the time of year,” said Tedici. He added that snow will fall on low ground in the Po Valley and the Apennines. Ahead of the brisk change in the weather, however, “we will still have three days of very mild conditions, with temperatures as high as 15 degrees celsius.”

Italy saw extreme weather conditions in 2022 from storms to drought.

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