Turin tower block fire. Image: Vigil del Fuoco on Twitter

Turin tower block catches fire less than a week after Milan inferno

By Region News North-west Italy

Less than a week after the Milan fire, a Turin tower block catches fire. Five people were slightly hurt as a result.

A fire broke out at the top of a Turin tower block today. Five people were slightly injured including two police officers and a worker with grazes and burns; two women had ‘turns’ after seeing the smoke.

The building is in the centre of the city between via Lagrange and Piazza Carlo Felice. The building was safely evacuated as were local shops in the vicinity.

The fire was visible across the city. Thirty firefighters worked to douse the flames.

Milan block went up like a torch

Last week, a tower block burned to the ground in Milan. As a result, there has been a row over alleged flammable cladding.

According to videos posted on social media, the building became a torch within three minutes. Experts claim this was due to a ‘chimney effect’ following a possible short circuit on the 15th floor. Residents, who all escaped safely, said the fire alarm failed to go off.  

Prosecutors said on Wednesday they had found the firm that made and fitted the allegedly culpable cladding; a company named Aza Aghito Zambonini, based at Fiorenzuola near Piacenza.

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala has called for a probe to establish responsibility for the blaze.

 The northern city’s fire brigade chief, Giuliano Santagata, said “I’ve never seen anything like it in Milan before”.

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