Turin bans smoking in 5-metre radius of others.

Turin bans smoking within five-metre radius of others

By Region News North-west Italy

Turin bans smoking within five-metre radius of others, without express consent, in new regulations for smokers outdoors.

The measure, approved by the Turin city council, received 21 votes in favour and two abstentions, establishing a “courtesy distance for smokers.”

Under the updated Urban Police Regulation number 221, smoking in the presence of children or pregnant women, as well as within a five-metre radius of others outdoors, is now prohibited. This includes areas such as queues, bus stops, parks, and outdoor terraces. Violators may face a fine of €100, similar to the penalty for disregarding the existing smoking ban in children’s play areas.

Smoking in indoor public places in Italy is already banned.

“It’s a sensible rule,” said Turin Mayor Stefano Lo Russo. “It’s a question of respecting those who don’t smoke and it’s also a way to promote a culture of reciprocal respect.

“Turin is not the first city to take an initiative of this kind and I think others will too”.

Respect and good manners as well as health

The rationale behind the regulation is not only rooted in health concerns but also emphasises respect for non-smokers and promoting good manners.

Silvio Viale, leader of the Radicals + Europe and proponent of the modification, underscores the cultural shift towards more conscientious smoking habits, noting that even avid smokers now tend to smoke in designated areas rather than indoors.

By reducing the impact of smoking, the measure aims to mitigate the health risks associated with tobacco consumption.

The regulation encompasses various forms of smoking, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, heated tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. Viale clarifies that the measure is not intended to be prohibitionist but rather seeks to regulate smoking freedoms while encouraging responsible behaviour, such as proper disposal of cigarette butts to minimise pollution and environmental degradation.

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