From 25th April to 14th July visitos to Venice (pictured) need to pay a €5 Venice access fee.

Venice starts charging tourists from this month

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From 25th April, Venice will charge day tourists a €5 fee to enter the city. The aim of the charge is to limit tourist during the busiest days of the season in order to preserve the city.

In a rather cavalier likening of his “bravery”, Venice’s mayor said his decision to charge day-trippers an entrance fee to the city was similar to that of Marco Polo’s when he headed off to explore the world. The mayor said, “We have a duty to preserve the great historical centres of the world.”

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro told reporters in Rome that the initiative is aimed at preserving Venice’s uniqueness amidst the influx of visitors, which peaks at around 40,000 a day. The €5 fee, applicable on select dates from April to July, marks an experimental phase for the city.

He emphasised the need to defend Venice and make it more liveable, rather than solely focusing on revenue generation.

Drawing parallels between himself and Marco Polo, Bugnaro said, ““Over history, nobody has risked ever trying this … no politician would do what I am about to do. If it works, everyone will say it’s banal, and if it doesn’t work, it will create criticism and a bad impression.”

Day-trippers will need a QR code for access to Venice’s historic centre, with stewards conducting checks at entry points. Those without a code risk fines of up to €300, although exemptions apply for residents, students, and overnight tourists.

Despite criticism labelling the measure as unconstitutional and restrictive, Brugnaro sees it as a step toward managing tourism sustainably and addressing depopulation issues.

UNESCO has repeatedly put Venice on its blacklist, as previous administrations both local and national failed to address the overtourism issue. Firstly, Venice banned cruise liners from entering the Grand Canal. At the beginning of this year, the lagoon city decided to cap the size of group tours. Plus, the now enacted charging system.

With Venice facing challenges of overtourism and declining local population, the mayor hopes the initiative will serve as a model for other cities worldwide.

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How to book Venice access tickets

If you are planning to enter Venice on a day trip, on certain days between 25th April and 14th July 2024 (see dates below), you will need to have paid a Venice access fee.

There are exemptions to the fee, and they are:

  • Visiting a relative
  • Resident in Veneto or Venice
  • Worker
  • Participating in a sporting event
  • Student or registered on temporary resident register
  • Owner of a property or holding rental contract
  • On a school trip
  • Guest of accommodation facility
  • Aged under 14
  • Holders of the European Disability Card and their accompanying caregivers

The access fee is not charged from 4pm to 8.30am.

There is currently no maximum number of entries and for 2024 the fee remains fixed at €5 per person.

For the year 2024, on a trial basis, there will be no request for exemption or payment of the Access Fee for those only going to one of the minor islands of the lagoon.

2024 dates requiring payment of Venice access fee

April: 25th-30th inclusive

May: 1st-5th inclusive, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th

June: 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th

July: 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th

To book your ticket and pay the access fee

Head to the Venice access fee site. Select your preferred language at the top right-hand corner.

Select either Exemptions or Payment of the fee.

Screenshot from the Venice access fee website showing where to select payment of exemptions

Choose the date of your visit.

Enter the number of visitors. NB, you must also enter the number of children aged under 14, even though they will not be charged.

Enter your first and last names.

Enter your email and phone number for the QR code to be sent to.

Accept the terms and conditions, and privacy policy

Enter your payment details.

You will receive the QR code to your phone and/or email.

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