Hotel San Domenico Palace which doubles as The White Lotus

The White Lotus has positive impact on tourism

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Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchè announced on Thursday that the second season of the acclaimed HBO dark comedy The White Lotus, which takes place in Taormina, Sicily, significantly boosted flights from the US to Italy by 205%.

Flights from Germany also saw a substantial increase of 265% during the screening of The White Lotus mini-series from October to December 2022.

Moreover, Santanchè highlighted the economic impact of the season, stating that it generated €32million and contributed to the creation of 1,500 jobs. The production involved 700 Italian firms, contributing an additional €38million to the national GDP.

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Emphasising the importance of cinema and TV in promoting the beauty of Italy internationally, Santanchè noted that movie-related tourism brings significant economic benefits to the areas where the films are shot, estimating around €600million in total.

White Lotus, known for its portrayal of the antics of affluent travellers and the challenges faced by hotel staff, has showcased different destinations in each season. With the first season set in Hawaii, the second in Taormina, and the upcoming third season planned for Thailand, the series continues to captivate audiences with its exploration of luxury and human dynamics in exotic locales.

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