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Fast train from Venice to Ljubljana on the cards

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A new fast train from Venice to Ljubljana could make it easier to travel between Italy and Slovenia. A test run took place earlier this week.

Even though Italy and Slovenia are neighbours, there’s currently no direct train connecting them. But that could change soon.

On Monday, the Italian train company Trenitalia tested a new route between Venice and Ljubljana.

In 2021, people talked about having a train connection between the Italian city of Trieste and the capital of Slovenia, but it didn’t happen.

If the test goes well, it could bring back a train service between the two countries, something that hasn’t been around since 2008. This new service might start in April 2024.

Test run this week

On Monday morning (December 11), a fast Frecciarossa train started from Mestre in Venice and went north through Portogruaro, Monfalcone, and Bivio Aurisina.

At the border station of Villa Opicina, it met with Slovenian Railways staff to keep going to Sesana, a town 80 km southwest of Ljubljana. They also tested the train on the Slovenian railway network when it arrived in the country.

FS Italiane, Italy’s state-owned railway, is hopeful about bringing back a train service between the two countries. They said on their website before the test that “the time seems to be right” for it.

If it all works out, we could see a direct train connecting Milan and Ljubljana.

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