Parco del Mare Rimini higlighted as a green tourism point in Emilia Romagna. Image courtesy of Visit Rimini

Emilia-Romagna turning tourism green

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Emilia-Romagna, a picturesque region in northern Italy, has firmly positioned itself as a leader in sustainable and green tourism. Renowned for its landscapes, Emilia-Romagna is now drawing attention for its innovative green tourism initiatives and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Wanderlust travel magazine mentioned Emilia Romagna twice in its article on Europe’s top sustainable destinations in 2024. This is why…

Cycling the lush Apennines

For those eager to explore Italy’s lush landscapes, the 126km Romagna Toscana Cycle Route offers a captivating journey through the Apennines, connecting Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

This scenic route, beloved by both locals and tourists, was partially damaged during severe flooding in May 2023. However, the community’s swift and dedicated restoration efforts have fully reopened the trail.

Cyclists can now once again enjoy the breathtaking vistas and charming villages that dot this route.

This enthusiasm for cycling extends beyond everyday use. In 2024, Emilia-Romagna will be in the international spotlight as the Tour de France makes its debut start in Italy.

On 29th June, the Grand Départ will commence in Florence. The race will pass through the scenic landscapes of Emilia-Romagna.

Parco del Mare Rimini

In the seaside town of Rimini, an ambitious project is transforming the urban landscape into a haven of green spaces. The Parco del Mare (Sea Park) initiative involves the removal of 16km of asphalt, converting former roads into climate-resilient urban green spaces.

Many sections are already complete, allowing visitors and locals to stroll or cycle through areas adorned with native Mediterranean dune vegetation, fitness zones, and playgrounds inspired by marine life. This project not only enhances the town’s aesthetic appeal but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Rimini has a reputation as a laid-back resort town known for its long beaches and shallow waters. The new park integrates small community squares designed for social interaction. These open-air lounges offer views of the Adriatic Sea, providing perfect spots for relaxation and socialising.

Clean Waters and Modern Infrastructure

Beyond green spaces and cycling routes, Rimini is also setting a benchmark for environmental infrastructure with Italy’s most significant sewerage system modernisation project.

Once completed, this initiative will ensure that the waters off Rimini are the cleanest and most controlled in the country. This project not only enhances the environmental quality of the region but also assures visitors of a safe beach experience.

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