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Carnival will generate €1billion in 2024

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The turnover for Carnival tourism is expected to generate €1billion in 2024. This firmly establishes the event as a highlight of the Italian off-season.

The €1billion estimate for Carnival comes from a survey conducted by CNA Turismo e Commercio.

The calendar of carnival events started on Thursday 1st February, with the Children’s Carnival at the Venice Biennale. It will culminate with the Parade of allegorical floats in Viareggio on Saturday, February 24th. On Sunday 24th March an additional event follows with the procession of flower floats in Sanremo.

In between these grand spectacles, there will be festivities in Ivrea and Cento, Fano and Comacchio, Putignano and Acireale, among many others organised throughout the country.

Eight million visitors expected to take part

A staggering eight million visitors are expected to partake in the carnival activities. This figure includes two and a half million tourists who will spend the night away from home, lodging in both hotel and non-hotel accommodation.

Approximately one million of these visitors will be foreigners. Tourists are enticed by the opportunity to experience unique and authentic shows while exploring the art-filled cities and villages.

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On average, both Italian and foreign tourists attracted by the Carnival festivities are expected to stay for two days per capita. The implications for catering, gastronomy, and crafts are deemed significant by CNA Tourism and Commerce.

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