Senate votes to pass €17billion aid package and superbonus

Italian government approves €17billion aid package


The government’s new aid package for the cost-of-living crisis was approved by the Senate on Tuesday. The row over the so-called Superbonus measure, that refunds energy-efficiency-boosting building renovations, was overcome.

The new package, worth €17billion is on top of €35billion already allocated this year to help households and businesses cope with soaring energy and fuel costs.

The decree was approved with 182 votes in favour, none against and 21 abstentions. The package, which needs to be approved by October 8, will go to the Lower House on Thursday for final approval.

Superbonus disagreement

The dispute over the Superbonus was in regard to suggested changes making it less susceptible to fraud. The 5-Star Movement objected saying this would cause problems for thousands of companies with credits due to them for renovations.

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In the end a compromise was found. The Senate also amended the package in several ways.

One of these amendments makes it possible for people who are considered clinically vulnerable, or are the parents of children under 14, to work from home until the end of the year. This was something that outgoing Labour Minister Andrea Orlando of the Democratic Party (PD) had been pressing hard for.

Another amendment allocates €50million this year to amateur clubs that manage sports facilities. Italian Soccer Federation President Gabriele Gravina recently said there was the risk of closure for football grounds due to soaring energy prices.

“The world of voluntary sports associations is in danger of stopping with these increases,” Gravina told ANSA. “In my case, 15,000 soccer grounds risk shutting down”.

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