man accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend says he did out of 'stress'

Man murdered pregnant girlfriend because of ‘stress’

By Region News North-west Italy

On Wednesday, a man who confessed to murdering his pregnant girlfriend and then trying to burn her body says he acted out of stress. His girlfriend was seven-months pregnant.

A man who confessed on Wednesday to murdering his pregnant girlfriend has said he acted out of stress in relation to the fact he was in a relationship with another woman.

30-year-old Alessandro Impagnatiello also unsuccessfully tried to burn his girlfriend’s body to conceal the evidence.

He told investigators he “acted without real motive because he was stressed by the situation that had come about, mentioning among other things as a source of stress not only the management of the two women but also the fact that others had become aware of it”. This was according to the confirmation of the arrest and pre-trial detention order signed by preliminary investigations judge Angela Minerva.

Impagnatiello worked as a barman at a luxury hotel in Milan. He stands accused of stabbing to death 29-year-old Giulia Tramontano last Saturday at their apartment in Senago, near Milan.

During the confession, Impagnatiello told Carabinieri police he then tried to hide her body behind the garage of the building they lived in before reporting her missing.

The preliminary investigations judge has ruled out premeditation as an aggravating circumstance.

Problems in relationship for some time

Tramontano’s sister Chiara told investigators on May 29 Impagnatiello had told his partner he was having an affair in January.

“Due to this situation Giulia was considering having an abortion,” said her sister according to case documents. However, Chiara also said the problems between the pair had started in February 2021, when they moved in together.

When she learned of the infidelity, Tramontano told her sister “that she would not forgive Alessandro but would return to (their home in) Senago” until she found “another housing solution or returned home to her parents”.

The murder is the latest in a long series of femicides in Italy.

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