Seventh body recovered by fire brigade divers

Seventh body recovered from Enel plant

By Region News North-east Italy

On Friday, divers from the fire brigade recovered a seventh body from Tuesday’s explosion at Enel Green Power’s Bargi hydroelectric plant on Lake Suviana.

At the time of writing, the body had not been identified, but the only individual still unaccounted for was Vincenzo Garzillo, a 68-year-old originally from Naples. Three bodies were discovered immediately after the incident, with divers locating the remains of three more missing individuals on Thursday. Additionally, five people sustained injuries.

Unions lead march following tragedy

In response to the tragedy, the UIL and CGIL trade unions led a march in Bologna on Thursday, demanding action on health and safety measures. Police estimated that at least 1,500 people participated in the demonstration, rallying behind a banner bearing the words “Enough Now”.

Concurrently, union members in Emilia Romagna staged an eight-hour strike on Thursday, extending a previously planned nationwide general strike, which has notably impacted public transportation.

Investigation opened

Chief Prosecutor Giuseppe Amato stated that the investigation would delve into “procurement and subcontracting,” an area of concern highlighted by the unions.

“These are sub-contract deaths,” said Bologna CGIL Secretary Michele Bulgarelli.

“It is a day of anger because, after the shock, I think that yesterday’s statement and press conference by Enel Green Power was absurd, unacceptable and unworthy of a civilised country.

“The offloading of responsibility in the procurement chain sees it list three or four (contractor) companies.

“But up to today we have no official information about which companies employed the employees (involved)”.

Enel Green Power CEO Salvatore Bernabei stated that “we do not deserve this kind of statement” and that “there is no subcontracting chain”.

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