Serie A could be suspended due to Covid

Will Serie A be suspended due to Covid infections?

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The Italian Prime Minister and the Italian Football Federation are assessing how best to move forward with Serie A. There has been an increase in infections in the top flight in recent weeks.

 As Covid-19 infections rise in Italy, the Italian Football Federation and the government have opened talks. They are looking at measures to help contain the increase in infections, Marca reports.

Serie A clubs have reported more than 90 positive test results since the start of 2022. Therefore, the Federation has to look at what can be done.

What are the Serie A options?

The two plans most likely are: full suspension of the league for a period of time, or the return to playing matches in stadiums that are closed to supporters.

Italy has seen the number of infections rise monumentally in recent weeks with 220,000 cases registered on Thursday and 108,000 new cases on Friday.

Expectations are the decision will be announced on Wednesday, 12th January. The most likely solution is to close the stadiums, though that won’t stop infections within the teams.

The last matchday saw four out of 10 matches postponed due to infections within some clubs. Sunday is also likely to have a reduced programme, with three games already suspended.

Serie B is already suspended. The second flight teams stopped playing from 23rd December and are expected to return on 15th January.

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