Andreea Rabciuc who disappeared in March 2022

Remains found in Marche may be Andreea Rabciuc

By Region Central Italy News

A body reduced to a skeletal state was found in a farmhouse in the Castelplanio area, in the province of Ancona. It is likely to be Andreea Rabciuc.

The body discovered in a Marche farmhouse could be that of Andreea Rabciuc, the 27-year-old who disappeared in the Montecarotto area, about a kilometre from the place where the body was found.

The remains of clothing: a jacket and shoes consolidate the hypothesis that it is Andreea. However, official identification will require a DNA test.

The girl had left on foot at dawn on March 12, 2022, after an evening spent with friends and her boyfriend Simone Gresti, with whom she had argued, in a cabin. But all traces of her had been completely lost: the appeals from her mother and her friends, on her social networks or on Chi l’ha visto?, were useless. Various sightings of her in Milan or Rome, however, ended in nothing.

 On site were the carabinieri, the firefighters, the prosecutor of the Ancona Prosecutor’s Office Irene Bilotta and Emanuele Giuliani, lawyer of Simone Gresti. The boyfriend of Andreea Rabciuc is the only person under investigation for kidnapping and drug dealing.

What happened in Andreea’s last hours?

According to the Italian media, witnesses the young woman argued all night with her boyfriend, Simone Gresti. In the morning she left alone.

Before leaving, Andreea tried to call her father, who works in Spain. The man was sleeping and did not hear the phone, so the young woman left him a message telling him that she had problems and that she needed his help, without giving any other details.

It was also the Romanian woman’s only attempt to contact her family, before she was reported missing.

Shortly after she tried to talk to her father on the phone, Andreea was without her phone. Angry after some arguments, Gresti took the phone and refused to give it back.

Witnesses reported that relations between Andreea and Simone were tense.

“They were constantly arguing. At one point I couldn’t wait for him to leave. Saturday morning, it must have been 7:00 a.m., I saw the girl leaving for the street,” said the owner of the cabin where the party took place, according to publication.

Gresti was the first suspect for the Italian Police and was investigated for kidnapping, all the more so because he announced Andreea’s disappearance late.

In addition, bloodstains that turned out to be Andrea’s were found on a T-shirt and on Simone’s car. However, the analyses carried out by the coroner showed those blood stains were older.

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