protests and strikes over Green Pass in Genoa Italy

Protests and strikes as Green Pass work restrictions come into force

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There were widespread protests and strikes in Italy Friday as the Green Pass health pass came into force in all Italian workplaces. Three of Italy’s six major ports saw disruption.

The Green Pass shows a person is vaccinated for COVID-19, has recovered from it or has tested negative in the last few days. From today (15th October), the pass is mandatory for ALL workplaces, both private and public sector.

How did the ports fare?

Trieste saw around 2,000 dockers protest against the pass. Expectations were the port would come to a standstill due to protests. However, Friuli Governor Massimiliano Fedriga said the port was “working regularly”.

Dockers halted operations at one of the major loading points in Genoa. But lorries headed for other points and the long tailback eased.
A workers’ sit-in blocked access to Ancona, on the Adriatic,. Meanwhile, dockers worked as normal in Venice, Naples and Palermo.

Protests and strikes are hit and miss

Dozens of anti-protesters attempted to block traffic in Rome. They had varying degrees of success, with the police preventing many of the protests.

Strikes hit several major firms including Zoppas San Benedetto and Electrolux.

Protests turned ugly on Saturday in Rome. A mob, led by neo-fascists ransacked the Headquarters of Italy’s largest and most left-wing trade union.

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